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• “There are certainly times when a quick-and-dirty estimate of the size of a flat surface is all you need, and AccelaRuler can deliver that”, MacWorld 3/27
What is AccelaRuler?
Unlike other measuring applications on the iPod Touch** and iPhone**, AccelaRuler is not just a tiny picture of an even tinier ruler.  AccelaRuler measures real things in the real world using sophisticated processing and your built-in accelerometer to estimate distances.
AccelaRuler can be used to measure distances ranging from a couple of inches to 15 feet or more.  Measurement accuracy is up to 2% of the actual distance, and AccelaRuler will estimate any error range for you.
Check out the videos on the left to see AccelaRuler in action!
New Features!
• AccelaRuler 2.0 features an all-new user interface and a completely revamped measurement algorithm for enhanced accuracy.
• Measures distances from a few inches to 15 feet or more.
• New feature -- Accelaruler now measures angles!
• Measurements accurate up to 2% of the actual distance*
• Measurement history feature remembers recent measurements and performs calculations such as square area, perimeter, and average value
I’m a contractor building a house.  Should I throw away my tape measure and just use AccelaRuler?
Mmmm...no.  But you could certainly use AccelaRuler as a convenient way to get length and measurement estimates of any number of things around the job site.

* Note that AccelaRuler is design to estimate distances while sliding on flat surfaces.  It will not work well carried in your hand.
**iPhone and iPod Touch are trademarks of Apple. AccelaRuler 2.0 is all new!

See AccelaRuler in action! 

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